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Draeger 60 Minute Carbon Fiber Cylinder with valve

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Customer Price: $1,334.00
Usually Ships in 2-5 Business Days
Item Number: 4055699
Manufacturer: Draeger
Manufacturer Part No: 4055699

Draeger offers SCBA cylinders in different sizes and construction to meet the demands of different applications. Cylinders are offered in 2216 (low pressure) and 4500 psi (high pressure) operating pressures. Durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes (at 40L/min breathing rate) are available. Choose from aluminum or light weight carbon fiber full-wrap construction.

SCBA cylinder valves are constructed of anodized aluminum with a built in bumper protector. The valve gauge is double sided with a luminescent gauge face for easy readability. Custom labeling is available on carbon fiber full-wrapped cylinders. We have many options for customizing and specific accessories.  Just call one of our Technical Customer Service Personnel.

Cylinder, 4500 psi, 60-minute, Carbon Fiber, Full-wrapped, with valve

Construction: Aluminum Liner with Carbon Fiber Composite Wrap and Epoxy overcoat
Operating Pressure Rating: 4500 psi
Breathing Air Duration (NIOSH): 60 minutes @ 40 L/minute
Cylinder Capacity: 87.0 SCF / 2464 Liter
Weight of air: 5.3 lbs. / 2.4 kg
Cylinder Size (w/ valve): 24.5” L X 6.9” D / 62.2 L X 17.3 D cm
Cylinder Weight (w/ valve): 17.6 lbs. / 8 kg
Hydrotest Requirements: Every 5 years (For Cylinders Manufactuered afterJuly 1, 2001. Cylinders manufacturer prior to July 1, 2001 maintain their 3 year hydrotest schedule until next test and then convert to 5 year schedule)
Maximum Cylinder Life: 15 years
Valve Fitting Size: CGA-347
Valve Part Number: 4052012
DOT Exemption Number: E-11194
Transport Canada Number: SU 5303
Compatible NIOSH SCBA: ProAir, ProAir Evolution, PSS 97
Compatible NFPA SCBA: AirBoss, AirBoss Evolution, AirBoss
PSS100 and Plus Series
Color: Blue

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