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Draeger Chemical Suit CPS 5900 Extra Large

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Customer Price: $1,366.00
Usually ships in 10-15 Business Days
Item Number: R57784
Manufacturer: Draeger
Manufacturer Part No: R57784

The Draeger CPS 5900 is the ideal disposable, gas-tight chemical protective suit for hazmat incidents. Where complete protection against hazardous gases, liquids and particles is of the utmost priority, this lightweight garment is the suit of choice.

Where gas-tight chemical protection is required-, and there is minimal risk of mechanical or physical damage to the suit itself, the Dräger CPS 5900 is the perfect choice.

The Draeger CPS 5900 provides excellent protection against a broad range of industrial chemicals as well as warfare agents. Specifically designed for low risk operations, it can be used in a variety of applications such as when taking measurements or transferring hazardous substances in non-explosive atmospheres. As the first chemical protective suit to be approved to NFPA 1994, class2 and EN 943 part 1&2 (ET), the Dräger CPS 5900 also complies with the requirements of the SOLAS convention (pending). As a result, it fulfills the most demanding international standards of fire fighters and industrial users for limited use, gas-tight protective suits. Where the potential risks might include mechanical stress and flash fire, the heavy duty Dräger CPS 7900 protective suit should be worn.

Featuring the new Draeger cut, the Dräger CPS 5900 offers improved ergonomics and optimized compatibility with various types of personal protective equipment including the latest breathing apparatus, helmets and other forms of PPE. It can also be worn with twin cylinders or closed circuit breathing apparatus. Available in 5 sizes, the suit is designed to fit both male and female users from 1.50 m to 2.10 m in height. Made of Zytron 500, the softest laminate material on the market, each seam has been sewn and then hot-air taped internally and externally. The material and production quality allow for a ten-year shelf life.

– Fully encapsulating suit for maximum protection
– Wide front entry on left side for easy donning & doffing
– Zipper fastener (bottom up)
– Double flap zipper protection
– Flexible and foldable two-layer visor offers almost natural field of vision
– Integrated gas-tight socks with boot flaps for use with multiple boot sizes
– Fixed gloves combine butyl outer with laminate inner lining for increased protective against chemicals and punctures
– Kevlar over-glove for additional cut protection
– Integrated waist belt for size adjustment


NFPA 1994: 2007  US requirements for protective clothing for incidents involving warfare agents 
EN 943-1:2002  European requirements for protective clothing for industrial applications 
EN 943-2:2002 (ET)  European requirements for protective clothing for fire brigades 
SOLAS II-2, Reg.19 (pending)  Requirements for use on seagoing vessels 

CHEMICAL TESTS  Breakthrough 
Chemical  Time in Min. Chemical  Time in Min. Chemical  Time in Min.
Aceton  >480  Ethyl acetate  >480  Sarine (GB)  >480 
Acetonitrile  >480  Ethylene oxide  >480  Sodium hydroxide 40%  >480 
Ammonia  >480  Hydrogen chloride  >480  Soman (GD)  >480 
1,3 Butadiene  >480  Lewisite (L)  >480  Sulphuric acid 96%  >480 
Carbon disulphide  >480  Methanol  >480  Tetrachlorethylene  >480 
Chlorine  >480  Methyl Chloride  >480  Tetrahydrofurane  >480 
Dichloromethane  >480  Mustard gas (HD)  >480  Toluene  >480 
Diethylamine  >480  n-heptane  >480  VX  >480

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