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Ethanol-Organic Vapor (OV) Draeger Gas Detector Sensor, 4543773

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Draeger Portable Gas Detector Sensor
Customer Price: $325.00
Item Number: 4543773
Manufacturer: Draeger
Manufacturer Part No: 4543773
Sensor: Ethanol
Measuring Range: 0-200 ppm
Resolution: 0.5 PPM
Warranty Life: 1-Year

The sensor is the heart of any gas detection instrument. Draeger is one of the few manufacturers of gas detection instruments who also make their own sensors and we have more experience with this technology than anyone else. Over many years, Draeger-Sensors have proven themselves, even under the most difficult conditions. Our latest generation of sensors, the Extra Stability (XXS), provide  outstanding performance in a wide range of industrial applications.


  • The longest warranties offered by any manufacturer
  • Fast and accurate response to changing gas concentrations
  • Extra stability sensors that drift less and require less frequent calibration
  • Superior operating temperature range (-40 to +105 F / -40 to +40 C) and stability due to an internal thermal compensating device
  • A wide operating pressure range (20.7 to 38.4 in Hg /700 to 1300 mbar) due to a unique mechanical design of the sensor
  • The ability to withstand and recover from high concentration exposures
  • Calibration intervals of 6-12 months

Draeger-Sensor XXS combines New Sensor Technology from the Draeger Pac 7000 and the Draeger X-am 5000

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