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Air Current - Smoke Tubes

Smoke Tubes
Draeger Smoke Tubes have been very popular in the HVAC and mining industries for many years. The reagent inside the smoke tube produces a visible aerosol plume when in contact with atmospheric humidity. A simple squeeze bulb pushes air through the tube to propel the smoke into the ambient air. Even the most gentle air currents are made visible.

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Draeger Air Current Tubes
Customer Price: $63.00
Draeger Air Current Tubes
Draeger Air Current Tubes Part # CH25301
Air Current/Smoke Tube Kit
Draeger Smoke Tube Kit
Customer Price: $117.00
Draeger Smoke Tube Kit
Draeger Smoke Tube Kit Part # 4054388
Draeger Smoke Tubes CH25301
Customer Price: $63.00
Draeger Smoke Tubes  CH25301
Draeger Tubes - Smoke Tubes, Part# CH25301
Draeger Flow Check
Customer Price: $869.00
Draeger Flow Check
Draeger Flow Check Part # 6400761 - 8316993
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